8 Tips to Easily Fit Exercise into your Day

Stress Mother Running Late With KidsIf only our days could be a few hours longer … then we’d have time to exercise!

I understand. I get it. I felt that way too. We wish we had more time. But the one thing we cannot do is we cannot get more time each day. We have 24 hours a day and that’s it.

And … for most of us … all those 24 hours are already spoken for!

I get it. We’re all busy. (no … that’s not me in this photo … but I sure feel that way sometimes! Except I’ve got 3 kids … so imagine another one hanging off one of the legs!)

But … what if I could show you 8 tricks to fit exercise into your already busy day. And … this will not take any extra time!

Intrigued? Read on!

Here are 8 tips to Easily fit Exercise into your Day …

1. Take the farthest parking spot … and walk.

Find the farthest parking spot at the mall instead of the closest. Walk to take the kids to school instead of driving. Find any way to add just a little extra walking in.

2. Replace your desk chair with an exercise ball.

I love my exercise ball. I’ve been faithfully using it as my desk chair the past few weeks … and I exercise all day long now! I don’t even realize it … but I am getting a KILLER core workout by constantly stabilizing myself on the ball. And … every once in a while I roll the ball to the side to tilt my upper body over and squeeze the sides of my abs. Lots of breathing … and it feels great!

3. Let’s do the twist.

Every time you walk through your house, put one hand in a fist inside the other hand … hold them right in front of your chest with your elbows out to the sides … and TWIST as you walk. Do this from your abs while deeb breathing and you’ll really feel them working! I do this constantly as I move from room to room in my house. I even see my girls sometimes doing it now too! So cute!

4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Anytime you need to go up or down is the PERFECT opportunity for exercise! Don’t be lazy. You don’t need the elevator. Work those muscles and take the stairs!

5. Get toned while stuck in traffic.

Here’s another great tip! Whenever you’re stuck in traffic … don’t get stressed! Get excited to do your breathing exercise to help flatten your tummy! All you need to do is take a big deep breath in … then as you exhale feel like you are tightening your stomach. You should feel like you are gently pulling the inside of your belly button towards your back. Repeat until the traffic starts moving again! You can also do this sitting at your desk, or any other time of day.

6. Work your butt while pumping gas.

Anytime you find yourself standing around for a few minutes, squeeze your glutes. Simply tighten and relax your muscles. Do this repeatedly for a great workout!

7. Wall sit while on the phone.

Stand with your back against a sturdy wall and slowly bend your knees as if you were sitting down in a chair. Your back should be straight up against the wall and your knees should be bent at about a 90-degree angle. Hold this position as long as possible. The time will pass super quick … Especially while chatting away with your bestie on the phone!

8. Clean the house!

I know … this one sounds really fun, doesn’t it?! I tell you … I used to have a cleaning who I loved! But … since moving across the country, I just haven’t found someone yet that I like and trust. So I’ve been cleaning the house myself. Well … by the time I’m done I sure have had a full workout! I’m sweating and exhausted! I just don’t get how so many cleaning ladies are fat! It’s certainly a workout cleaning the house. Oh … and there’s an extra added benefit to this exercise … your house will be clean :)

See … these are all SUPER easy things to do that don’t require ANY extra time. There are no excuses. Just go do it! Use these 8 tips to easily work exercise into your day … and you’ll be looking great and feeling even better!

Do you have any other tips of things we can do to sneak exercise into our days? Feel free to share in the comments …

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