How the Challenge Works:

We start with our WINNING Weight Loss Formula ...

Then we follow the 10 easy steps to get started...

We love when things are broken down into bite size pieces. So ... we've listed these 10 steps new people need to take to get their challenge started.
We have tons to offer you ... tons of training, support, and celebration ... and we don't want you to miss anything. So be sure to follow along with these 10 steps!

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Lose BIG. Win BIG.

Win up to $599 for losing the weight!

Lose Big. Win Big
So you wanna win some MONEY for losing weight? That’s INCENTIVE for ya!
Here's how it works ... Join our challenge, either at one of our local groups (available in select cities) ... or remote online (available everywhere!) and we will help you LOSE the weight! We provide education on nutrition and fitness as well as tons of support and celebration.

Participate with us for 6 weeks and you could be our BIG WINNER!! You could win up to $599!!

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